The Intimidator™ Series is the moving fixtures' line of choice for mobile applications and a staple in small permanent installations. The Intimidator™ Spot 250 moving yoke fixture comes with a gas discharge lamp affording a large and extremely bright throw. 

Powerful moving head packed with features to benefit any event or installation

Includes motorized shutter, focus and dimmer allow true programming flexibility to easily create the desired effect

Crisp, 3-sided rotating prism splits the beam for great effects and to cover a larger area

Onboard 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectors offer great flexibility

Keep light where you want it with the user-selectable pan and tilt ranges

Includes pan and tilt locks to prevent damage during transportation

Built-in effect macros and move-in-black features minimize programming time

Motorized focus allows the gobos to be crisp when projected at almost any distance

Individual reset of pan/tilt, color, gobo, shutter, prism and focus allows the show to continue no matter what happens

Awesome sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music

Easy-access to built-in automated programs generate a synchronized show in master/slave mode

Q LIGHT Computerized Lighting Controller  

Q Light Controller is a cross-platform application for controlling DMX or analog lighting systems like moving heads, dimmers, scanners etc.


 Yamaha's flagship digital mixing consoles are the accepted standards throughout the world: the awesome PM1D for sound reinforcement, broadcast, and theater; the DM2000, DM1000, and 02R96 for sound and music production. Now the 01V96 brings you the same performance and reliability in a smaller, more affordable format that's perfect for the home or smaller professional production studio. Still, it has a maximum 40-channel input capacity and can be cascaded for applications that require more. And, of course, 24-bit/96-kHz operation is standard. Mixer functions and effects are all inherited from the top-of-the-line DM2000, so you know you're getting the best. Prepare to be amazed at how far Yamaha digital evolution has come. If you thought that cutting-edge digital mixing and processing performance was still beyond reach, here is a very good reason to smile.

The “Big Daddy” of the USB Series is the X2442USB with its 10 state-of-the-art, XENYX-powered mic inputs, four stereo channels, four Aux Sends and four stereo Aux Returns, and our easy to use “one knob” compressors on each of the mono channels. Other features available exclusive to the X2442USB are: four subgroups for mixing flexibility; Main Inserts (the ideal path for connecting graphic equalizers or compressor/limiters); and eight Direct Outs and Sub Outs for analog recording purposes.

XENYX USB Series mixers are designed to handle your live gigs, and they provide the state-of-the-art tools you need to make stunning, professional-quality recordings. Along with their built-in USB/audio interfaces, XENYX USB mixers come with all the recording and editing software you’ll need to turn your computer system into a complete, high-performance home recording studio. 

24 mono input channels with A/B source, 3 band EQ (swept mid)
Direct out on each channel and individual 48V phantom power selection
4 Group Masters
Left/Right Masters
4 x Aux Send (2 selectable as pre-fade or post-fade)
ASM Aux Send Multiplier system - Gives greatly increased capacity
4 x Stereo Aux Return
Mic input - balanced XLR, Line - 1/4" Jack , insert points - TRS 1/4" Jack
Sub input - 1/4" Jack, Aux return - 1/4" Jack
Group & Master output - XLR, Aux out, Direct output - 1/4" Jack, Record - RCA Phono
Integral PSU
Weight: 27.5Kg excluding flightcase



Thanks to our revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology and internal switch-mode power supplies, EUROLIVE D Series loudspeakers provide a much better power-to-weight ratio than competing active speakers. Put simply, you get all the power without the back-breaking weight. And the sound quality of these lightweight loudspeakers exceeds that of our extremely popular EUROLIVE B212A and B215A systems — plus we've included two 200-Watt models, the B210D (10") and B208D (8") for less demanding applications. 

Due to their high-efficiency design, they crank out 550/200 of the cleanest, punchiest audio Watts you've ever heard from a compact loudspeaker system. The integrated sound processor provides total system control, along with dependable protection of the LF and HF transducers, thanks to the built-in active high-pass filter, which virtually eliminate distortion — even at extreme operating levels. In addition, all four models feature an Ultra-Low Noise (ULN) Mic/Line input with LEVEL control and a dedicated 2-band EQ (bass/treble) for easy control. 

 The 1584 vented, 400 watt 3-way speaker enclosure will exceed the power and output of the competition and it will sound better because of its superior design featuring a computer optimized cabinet, advanced C1584 crossover, and the Pro Series speaker components. We realize that for a loudspeaker to sound its finest, it must be a system of precisely aligned components. With our matched 15“ woofer, 8“ midrange and 4" titanium horn, the 1584 is an outstanding system for a vast array of applications ranging from clubs to outdoor use.

From Cerwin Vega comes a new line of reinforcement speakers. The most popular configuration, the PSX-153 offers the flexibility to be used as a stand-alone system, arrayed or augmented with our subwoofers Featuring 3-way performance, the high frequency driver is coupled to a 100 x 50 horn and the mid-range transducer is loaded into a proprietary waveguide. Rated at 1000 watts* peak with a frequency response of 45Hz to 17kHz, the PSX-153 offers incredible flexibility and performance. 

The PVX 12 passive loudspeakers deliver superior sound quality by utilizing advanced materials like its lightweight, roadworthy molded polypropylene exterior. Lightweight, durable and voiced for live music or speech applications, these two-way speaker systems will handle 400 watts program and 800 watts peak power and feature heavy-duty woofers, 2-3/8" voice coils and the Peavey RX14™ 1.4-" titanium diaphragm compression driver coupled to a constant directivity horn. 

SPECIFICATIONS Type:Three-way Electronically Controlled Loudspeaker System Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 18 kHz Power Handling:200W RMS, Continuous Pink Noise500W Program Sensitivity (1 Watt / 1 Meter):106.9 dB SPL Nominal Dispersion:65º Horizontal, 50º Vertical Nominal Impedance:8 ohms Crossover Frequency(s):800 Hz, 3 kHz Components:Two Ferrofluid-cooled 8" LF Drivers One 2" exit M200 MF Driver One 1" exit HFE-1 Driver Input Connectors:2 Neutrik Speakon1 dual banana Enclosure Material and Finish: black painted Baltic birch plywood Fiberglass exterior optional Dimensions: Height: 26.125 inches(663.58 mm) Width: 14.25 inches (361.95 mm) Depth: 14.25 inches (361.95 mm) Weight:60 lbs. (27.1 kg.)


 A dedicated subwoofer system in a rectangular enclosure designed to work with VF Series main channel systems. Dual 15-in sub bass cones, vented.

Operating Range (-10 dB, Hz)

30 - 160

Axial Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, dB SPL)

Sub (whole space): 99

Power Handling / Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

Sub - Single Amp: 900 @ 4

Calculated Maximum Output Peak (dB SPL)

Sub (whole space): 134

Calculated Maximum Output Long Term (dB SPL)

Sub (whole space): 128


Sub: 2x 15-in cone, vented, push/pull